Text Your Way To & Through College. 24/7/365.
Text Your Way To & Through College. 24/7/365.

Morpheus College Advisers offers a virtual post-secondary access and completion program that provides virtual college advising to high school and college students, in order to improve college-going and graduation rates.  

How Does Morpheus P16 Work?

  • Two-Way SMS-based advising for students & parents

  • Customized SMS alerts on key dates & activities

  • Coordinate with Partner Schools on key messages

  • Develop messages to increase program awareness

  • Provide reporting to Partner Schools on data trends

  • Engage Partner Schools on data driven improvements

Morpheus P16™ is a Text & App based College Advising service specifically designed to

help students & parents navigate the path to & through college.

Why do schools need Morpheus?  

Why Morpheus works?

How does Morpheus help?  A tool to free up a counselors time.

Students & parents can send text messages with their mobile phones & connect directly to a College Advising Specialist.


Try it Now. Text a question to: (512) 931-1515



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